microNeedling w/PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma or Collagen Induction Therapy is the super star of skin treatments. 

Platelet Enriched PlasmaPRP

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is currently one of the most talked about procedures in the aesthetic industry and is a fantastic treatment for many skin conditions.


How does it work?

A small volume of the patient's blood is extracted using standard venipuncture techniques. This is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma. The enriched platelets and plasma are then injected into the patient, with the whole treatment taking approximately 45 - 60 minutes.


What can PRP be used to treat?

The platelets and plasma can be injected at the site of scars, other injuries and obvious lines and wrinkles. It is quick and easy to do and achieves great results, especially on older skin.


What is the difference between MicroNeedling and MicroNeedling with PRP?

The biggest difference is what the PRP does for your skin. Without the PRP, MicroNeedling is very useful and extremely successful in the results you realize. With each treatment, the patient will definitely see noticeable improvements. When you pair MicroNeedling and MicroNeedling with PRP, you see 10 times those good results. The skin is rejuvenated in a way that is realized faster and typically with less treatments.  The use of the bodies own platelets enriches each prodecure, plumping and firming the skin much more noticeably. It is the mother of all repair treatments. 

MicroNeedling with infused PRP 

Traditional MicroNeedling causes tiny micro-traumas to the skin. It is often coupled with microdermAbrasion for advanced treatments. At Spa Therapy Spa, we perform MicroNeedling with PRP Infusion by MicroNeedling and using the bodies own PRP by applying it as we glide the MicroNeedling pen over the skin during treatment.


The repetitious application of the PRP topically, pushes it into the skin through the tiny micro-wounds created by the needles. This enables the bodies natural repair processes to use the PRP as a part of such repair of the micro-wounds.  


Treatment time:     45-60 minutes

Treatment cost:     $450-600  (try it for $250 ***1st time only)

What does Microneedling do?
  • Reduces Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles
  • Heals old Acne Scars
  • Reverses Sun Damage & Pigmentation
  • Helps Aging Skin
  • Increases Collagen & Elastin
  • Shrinks Pores
  • Helps Skin Care products work better
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Restores Hair Growth
  • Can be performed all over the body
MicroNeedling with Hyaluronic Acid Serum

MicroNeedling with infused Hyaluronic Acid Serum, the original super star of microneedling, is performed with the use of Hyaluronic Serum (a natural hydrator that adds moisture to and is produced naturaly by the body and safe for use) used topically and is infused into the skin. 


This procedure can be performed regulary to renew skin life just as PRP can, however PRP is the mother of them all, producing faster results in a more advanced way.  


Call for consult or more information. 


Treatment time:    45-60 miutes

Treatment cost:    $250  


MicroNeedling injectable PRP for Hair restoration

MicroNeedling with PRP injections is also used for hair restoration and regrowth. There is no denying that this one is a headliner.  The mazing MicroNeedling treatment with infused PRP for hair regrowth, is the same treatment as infusing the PRP into the skin, except we infuse and inject PRP when doing this service.


We do draw blood which we then spin to draw out the platelet enriched plasma in a medical grade centrifuge device. By injecting the PRP into the scalp areas where hair is not growing as intended, while alternating infusing it and injecting it. Again, this process stimulates the reproduction of collagen and elastin.


Treatment time:     45 min. to over an hour

Treatment cost:     $850 and up depending on area treated and extent 

                              of damage. ***minimum 3-5 treatments are                                            recommended

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